Emilia Jean loves her Pops, especially when he’s telling her stories.  During a fishing trip on the ocean, the weather kicks up a fuss and E.J. gets frightened.  To calm her fears, Pops tells the most enchanting story about the day the wind and the water fell in love.  Buy this title now at Amazon  […]

Home recipes and news clippings as collected by S.H. Levan in the early 1900’s in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Available on Amazon for purchase as a paperback or ebook Buy Now on Amazon Buy Now at Barnes and Noble

A little dragon, who lives in a dark cave, faces her fear and sets out into the daylight to find others like herself. A story of loving yourself and chasing your dreams. Excerpt: In a valley between two snow-capped mountains, a little dragon lived alone.  She spent her days hidden inside a cave so deep, […]

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