Emilia Jean loves her Pops, especially when he’s telling her stories.  During a fishing trip on the ocean, the weather kicks up a fuss and E.J. gets frightened.  To calm her fears, Pops tells the most enchanting story about the day the wind and the water fell in love.

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About swallowingthetail

My name is Jennie. I’m old enough to know better and young enough to not give a shit. I live in a house with some people and pets, although which are which gets confusing at times. Under no circumstances can I resist cotton candy, including lollipops and Italian ice flavored like it. I do not understand my own mind, have not found the meaning of life (yet), and only believe 50% of the things I think and say. I plan to run away and join the circus but in the meantime I am pretending to write a book.