Author Marketing 101

Book Marketing Timeline

Often when we are writing with publishing as the intended outcome, we forget about the important business side of that equation. We complete our work and want to get it into the hands of readers immediately. Unfortunately, without time to market the book, build a following and a sense of family with your readers, few... Continue Reading →

Make Sure Readers Can Find You

At least six months prior (preferably a year) to publishing your first book, you need to start creating places where readers can find you, start getting to know you and can keep up with all of your updates. This is all part of your Author Brand. An Author Brand is how you are perceived by... Continue Reading →

What?! I Need To Market Myself?!

Let's face it...Most writers hate to market themselves and think that once they have an agent or are published by a publishing company their hard work is done until they decide to write the next book. Unfortunately, nothing can be farther from the truth. With Amazon and other online stores being so readily available and... Continue Reading →

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