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eveline photoEveline Carle

A Montreal native, Eveline Carle currently lives in the U.S. where she owns and operates the Cape Cod Dance Center, which provides well-rounded education and artistic inspiration while helping students find a greater sense of self-esteem through the study of dance.





Paul Hoodpaul

Paul Hood is an Author, Playwright/Director/Actor
and former film critic. His works for
the stage have appeared in many theatres throughout South Central Pennsylvania as well
as New York. He is the current Artist in Residence
for Narcisse Theatre Company, where
his new play ‘Kill Keller’ will receive its world
premiere in the fall of 2019. He lives in
Harrisburg, PA.

Other works by Paul Hood
The Itch of Gloria Fitch (A Play)
Aldous Remembers (Off The Wall Plays)

momKathy Viers

Kathy grew up on Strasburg’s Grasshopper Level and was a 1967 graduate of Pequea Valley High School.  She spent most of her young adult life as a fulltime mother to three daughters and was known as “mom” to all of the neighborhood children. A local Girl Scout leader, softball coach, and community theatre actress, in her spare time she was a painter and writer. Although she was never published professionally before her death, her stories and plays were enjoyed by many in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania and Nashville, Tennessee.

At the age of 40, she received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education from Penn State Harrisburg, Summa Cum Laude. She was a science, social studies teacher and the director of the drama club at Bailey Middle School in Nashville, TN, until she retired in 2009.

Unfortunately, Kathy passed away from Lung Cancer in 2014 after a long hard-fought battle, but will always be loved and remembered.  She dreamed of being published professionally, and it is our sincerest honor to fulfill that dream.

                                                                        Alison Broderick

23172378_1948820252037076_3226483103470592323_nAlison T. Broderick lives in Marietta, Georgia, with her husband, two boys (ages 14 and 12) and Golden Retriever, Duke. She began her professional career as a journalist, but her dream of writing children’s books dates back to early childhood. Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight is her debut book.
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                                                           Mina Anguelova


Mina Anguelova was born in Sofia, Bulgaria and moved to Portugal when she was four years old.  In 2008, she had her first solo exhibition “From The Flesh Of Angels” at Contemporânea clinic.  Two years later, she Illustrated “Abeille the Queen of Dwarfs” for SONM.  In 2011, Mina received her Painting Degree / Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon and had a solo exhibition “Suspense” at Monumental Art Gallery.  From 2011 to 2014 she worked as an animator for Bang Bang Animation Studio and in 2017 she started Ribi-ribi Animation Studio.  Find  her on

                                                             Jennie Wiley

jennieJennie Wiley is old enough to know better and young enough to not give a hoot.  She lives in a house with some people and a bunch of pets, although which are which gets confusing at times.  When she writes, she play s with her Yoda and Batman finger puppets and under no circumstances can she resist cotton candy.  She says, “I do not understand my own mind, have not found the meaning of life, and only believe 50% of the  things I think and say.”

Jennie is a trained librarian, yoga instructor, and mediator.  She got her B.A in philosophy from Union University and her MLIS from the University of Pittsburgh.

You can find her on Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter.  Which obviously means she has too much time on her hands.

                                                            Leticia Morales

letitiaLeticia Morales was born in Málaga, a town in southern Spain. Since she was a child she has loved to draw and make up stories about the animals surrounding, her main inspirational source. She has a degree in Art History and a Masters in Illustration. She is currently living in her hometown accompanied by nine stick insects, two little mice, her cat Marceline and her dog Nicodemus.

She loves horror stories, stop motion animation and traditional fairy tales. You can see her work here:




InSong Nom

I’m originally from Seoul , South Korea and studied fine art. When my son, John the first one, was one and a half month baby, my family moved to San Diego, U.S.A. Since then my family moved many places, back to korea, New Jersey, Athlanta and Kansas. My hub work place was relocated every 2 or 3 yrs. At that time, my hub got good salary but always busy and my kids and I were always tried to be get used to new places. My hub chose family and changed his job in Seattle. Now we are in Mercer Island, WA. It was hard moving to new place but each place has their own character and I think my family was lucky that we can feel the differences.I have 2 kids, John is going to be 7th grade and Yool, Chloe which is her middle name and what she wants to be called in Seattle, she sometimes changes her name whenever moved to a new place , Stinky in Kansas and sometimes Bob in Kansas and Seattle. She is going to be 6th grade. John is a boy very sweet and love nature A LOT and he wants to be a nature scientist. Yool , Chloe, Bob is very bright and always happy girl and she can blow whistle with her nose not a mouth. She wanted to blow a whistle with her mouth after looking at her brother can blow a whistle. So she tried and tried and the sound came to her nose not a mouth. They really like pet. But unfortunately, Chloe has some allergy, especially cat, which is her favorite animal, so we don’t have any pet. Once we had some pets like fish and birds but my kids loved them too much and made them tired. (a lot tired :grin::grin:) Because of unable to have a pet, they, especially my girl, likes to give a name to animals(especially the one who has no owner) and trees , one of threes is named Stumpy.

meJodi Stapler 

Jodi Stapler is an author, content creator, publisher and performer with a degree in Elementary Education from Kutztown University. Jodi is an eccentric mother of 4 who daydreams about being Laura Ingalls Wilder or Anne of Green Gables. Her ideas, creativity and imagination disrupt, annoy and hopefully, entertain her family and those around her! She resides in Lancaster, Pa

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