41AKMR0fldL._SX312_BO1,204,203,200_The Time of Their Lives in London

PAPERBACK ISBN-13: 978948256247 I $15.95
KINDLE ASIN: B07P106264 I  $4.99
HARDCOVER ISBN 13: 9781948256209 I  27.99

Amber wanted to live abroad and find love. Vilzen left behind his conflicted past. Mrs Rosenfield came as a young woman in search of herself. But sometimes leaving behind who you are and what you came from can be a mistake.

It was supposed to be the time of their lives; and they all came in search of something special. But instead they were suddenly connected by horror and unusual circumstances.

With the deranged psychopath, known simply as “the west end stalker” claining victims on London’s West End, Amber finds her way into a tale of murder, mystery and love.



Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann

The second book in the Healthy Habits Book Series, Marcy Mabel Mollie McMann is a rough and tough girl. She loves to get dirty, but hates to wash her hands. After coming down with a cold and a visit to the doctors office, she learns how important it is to wash those germs away.

978-1-948256-15-5, Hardcover $19.99,
978-1-948256-19-3 Paperback $14.99





51TfUKOgaNL._SX367_BO1,204,203,200_Make A Wish on a Fish

How do you make magic in the world? Make a wish on a fish, of course. With a little imagination, magic can be found everywhere in a child’s life. Make A Wish On A Fish is a journey into magical moments through the whimsical illustrations of Mina Anguelova and the playful story of Jennie Wiley.”

978-1-948256-11-7, Hardcover 8.5 by 11 $16.99,
978-1-948256-10-0, Paperback 8.5 by 11 $10.99




51Ook7c-H1L._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_Sweet Treats Book of Cupcakes: Over 40 BAKERY RECIPES YOU CAN MAKE AT HOME WITH A MIX

Cupcakes are great, because they are already portion sized, can be carried around without plates and utensils allowing for easy mingling, are easy cleanup, can be decorated quickly but look like they took hours, and with the right fillings and icings taste gourmet enough for the pickiest foodie! Now get ready to impress all your family and friends at the next potluck! In fact, you may want to keep these to yourself, or you could be asked to be the designated baker for all your family and friend’s gatherings!



41F7+nvOwSL._SX384_BO1,204,203,200_Pepper Miss Pepperoni Finds Someone to Love Her

Pepper Miss Pepperoni has been given up and finds herself at an animal shelter. She is lonely, confused and sad as she watches all the younger dogs being adopted into their forever homes. Will Pepper ever find someone to truly love her?

978-1948256-08-7 Paperback 5.5 by 8.3 $13.99,
978-1948256-16-2 Paperback 8.5 by 11 $13.99








41qAtQ5xsWL._SX329_BO1,204,203,200_Dancing Feat

Eveline’s journey through ballet school and the national ballet company, connecting with the sacredness both inside and out, so that one day she could find herself back on a path of service, making the teaching of dance a golden experience.

978-1948256-17-9 Hardcover 5.8 by 8.3 $32.95,
978-1948256-18-6 Paperback 6 by 9 $26.95







On Halloween

978-1-948256-12-4, Hardcover 8 by 8 $14.99,
978-1-948256-13-1 Paperback 8.5 by 8.5 $9.99

Who is hiding behind that tree? It’s all your favorite Halloween friends waiting to celebrate with you!

This adorable Halloween story started as a song that Kathryn Viers created to sing to her kids over her favorite Fall holiday and is now is available to kids of all ages with illustrations based on Kathy’s original homemade book.








Itch of Gloria Fitch

978-1-948256-07-0, Paperback 5.1 by 7.8 $9.98,
978-1-948256-09-4 Paperback 5.06 by 7.81 $9.98

Gloria Fitch, a young woman overcome by a mysterious skin ailment plaguing her life, contemplates her place in the world and her relationship with longtime boyfriend, Dewitt Monday. As Gloria struggles to find the cause of her relentless irritation, her need to scratch soon excavates something rather profound awaiting deep within her soul.







Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight

978-1-948256-00-1, Hardcover 8.5 by 11 $19.99,
978-1-948256-03-2, Paperback 8.5 by 11 $14.99

Meet Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight, a redheaded, freckle-faced, chubby second
grader who loves to eat! From potatoes and steak to cookies and cake, he is
passionate about mealtime. Unfortunately, good dental hygiene does not
interest Samuel as much as satisfying his hunger. Samuel Stanley Scotty Snight
will not brush his teeth at night, and consequences soon follow.











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